Convaid Donates EZ Rider to Colorado School District

sallys school cropped

Convaid’s Colorado-based business development representative, Sally Mallory, was instrumental in facilitating the donation of an EZ Rider to 27 J Brighton Colorado School District.  A note from the school district’s transportation department follows.

To Convaid,

The training staff from 27J Brighton Colorado School District would like to thank Convaid and Sally Mallory for all her hard work in helping with the donation of the Convaid EZ-18T. Adams 27J has one of the fastest growing population of students with special needs in Colorado, yet our district is one of the least funded.

Training for our drivers and paraprofessionals is becoming more specialized when it comes to wheelchair training. The wheelchairs that we have for training are an old hospital chair with no passenger securements also no safe placements for wheelchair tie downs. Our other training wheelchair is an old power chair in the same condition.

Convaid donating the wheelchair means our drivers and paraprofessionals will be trained in the safest ways to secure students in the chair and proper securements for the floor tie downs.

The training also includes student evacuation from the bus which must take place within 2 minutes or less. Their learning how to safely evacuate students with confidence knowing the training provided is now some of the best in the state of Colorado.

Again, we want to THANK YOU in behalf of our Transportation Staff and students with special needs.


27J Transportation Training Department

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