Convaid Urges All to Sign Petition Headed for White House to Reverse Complex Rehab Legislation

president obama

Convaid‬ rallies you, family and friends to support the petition asking President Obama to stop CMS from applying competitive bid pricing to complex rehab wheelchair accessories. This new initiative augments ongoing efforts to reverse the CMS’s decision which could result in payment cuts ranging from 20% to 50%. Your signatures are needed before October 25, to reach the 100,000 signature threshold that would require a White House response.


According to an article in HME News, Don Clayback, executive director of NCART said that the current petition is intended to complement letters previously sent from Congress that supported a reversal of current legislation.  The article claims that H.R. 3229, which has 22 co-sponsors that would provide a technical correction is not enough. Proponents claims that this move is the industry’s best chance for correcting current legislation.

Read more and please take action!

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