2016 Convaid Ambassador Emmy Big Hit at Abilities Expo Los Angeles

Convaid was out in full force at Abilities Expo Los Angeles, held at the Los Angeles Convention center, February 5-7. This year, Convaid brought a few new attractions to the event, namely, at guest appearance by Emmerson Hamilton and her mother, Dawn, who came in tow with a posse of other Convaid users and Emmy and Convaid fans, livening up an already filled-to-the-gills booth at this annual event.

The Hamilton’s spent a few hours meeting and greeting old and new Convaid customers and urging visitors to participate in a prop-filled selfie contest. Dozens of winners walked away with I (heart) Convaid t-shirts and fun photos commemorating the event.

Also new to Abilities Expo this year, was Convaid’s interactive flat screen that displayed lifestyle images of Convaid people, places, adventures and daily living scenarios, depicting Convaid’s newest offering, the Convaid Trekker along with Convaid standards, the Cruiser, Rodeo, EZ Rider and child restraint system, the Convaid Carrot 3.

Pacific Region Business Development Representative Rebecca Hombs and Lead Account Service Representative April Gago were ever present at the Convaid booth, with help from the larger Convaid marketing and sales team.

For more than 30 years, Abilities Expo has been the go-to source for the community of people with disabilities, their families and healthcare professionals. Every event provides an opportunity for event goers to learn about new technologies and ability-enhancing products and services. It also features a few adaptive sports, a wheeled dance exhibition, workshops and three days filled to fun and informative activities.

The next upcoming Abilities Expo will be held in New York, from April 29 through May 1, 2016, where 2016 Convaid Ambassador Andrew Pacheco will make a guest appearance with his mother, Keeley and grandmother, Dawn Moreno.



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