Convaid Continues 14-year Tradition of Support of International Rett Syndrome Foundation and Southern California Strollathon

sherri-brady-and-daughterRett syndrome is a rare, but severe brain disorder that affects primarily girls, such as Sherri Brady’s daughter, Lauren, who is a long-time user of the Convaid Rodeo, a tilt-in-space wheelchair.

Sherri Brady is her daughter’s biggest advocate and organizes the annual SoCal Strollathon to be held this Saturday, October 22, 2016 at Whittier High School from 12 Noon to 4PM. Convaid’s participation this weekend marks the 14th year the company has supported the annual SoCal Rett Family Picnic and 6th Annual SoCal Strollathon. Marketing Communications Manager Milena Rimassa will present a Certificate of Donation for a Convaid wheelchair during the event, in keeping with Convaid tradition.

Rett syndrome is typically discovered within the first two years of life and is rarely seen in boys. Rett syndrome is seen in all racial and ethnic groups with a global occurrence of 1 in every 10,000 to 23,000 female births.

Led by Brady and local volunteers, the Strollathon is the signature event of the International Rett Syndrome Foundation (IRSF). It raises money for research and contributes to building of public awareness of Rett syndrome. This year’s activities have already led to over $100,000 in contributions. Brady said attendees will enjoy food, games, entertainment and participate in a short symbolic walk around the high school in honor of those living with Rett syndrome.

“We look forward to raising quite a bit more during the event to help fund valuable research. We are thankful for Convaid’s generous donation of a customizable wheelchair for our raffle.  Despite the fact that there is no cure, early identification and treatment may help girls and families living with Rett syndrome contribute to meaningful inclusion in community and family events,” said Brady.

Convaid understands that users, families and caregivers need wheelchairs that are lightweight, convenient, easy-to-use, colorful and attractive. By producing best-in-class products, advocating on behalf of special needs families, and contributing both in-kind and financially to special needs organizations and causes, Convaid is dedicated to raising awareness and helping families reclaim their freedom.

Convaid, together with R82 as part of the Etac Pediatric Group, manufacture and distribute products geared to improve life quality of family members, caregivers and children living with Rett syndrome, in the following categories:

“We support Sherri on her ongoing contribution to the children and families living with Rett syndrome. She is a tireless organizer and advocate whom we are proud to support on an ongoing basis,” said Director, Marketing, Nanneke Dinklo.

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