R82 Scallop Makes Global News in Times Square

The Scallop by R82 enjoyed a moment of rising fame in North America when it shared the ticker in Times Square with global news.  As of this month, children living with mild to moderate mobility impairment in the United States and Canada can now participate in daily activities in comfort, support and ease with the Scallop by R82, that enjoyed great popularity in Europe.  This comfortable portable seating unit is made up of a flexible shell and cushion that are held together with Velcro that can be used for long sitting on the floor or in a chair. When not in use, it packs into an attractive tote bag.

R82 and sister company Convaid, are offering a 20% off promotion through March 31, 2017, celebrating the product’s launch in the United States and Canada. The Scallop can be purchased by calling 844 US MOBILITY (844-876-6245) and comes in four sizes and multiple reversible colors.

The Scallop will also be offered for sale at the upcoming Abilities Expo Los Angeles, where R82 Convaid will exhibit in Booth 642 at the Los Angeles Convention Center from March 24-26, 2017. The 20% Early Bird promotion will be honored during the event and purchasers will receive a special gift for as long as supplies last.

The Scallop encourages active participation, is good for early intervention, stimulates balance without preventing movement, enables users to sit on a chair, provides tactile stimulation and improved seating alignment and enables long sitting. For many Scallop users, it is the first time they are able to sit at a dining table in a typical chair.

The flexible feather weight Scallop shell helps reinforce balance and comes with a reversible colorful, stylish cushion, two straps, two carry handles, a belt and a seat pit and comes in four sizes.  The Scallop is suitable for children with GMFCS Levels 1 through 3 who require a little extra help while sitting on the floor or in a chair. It is also suggested for children living with autism as it provid

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