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Convaid enriches the lives of special needs families by providing best-in-class, easy-to-use, convenient and attractive mobility products for all stages of a young person’s life—from infancy to young adulthood. Dedicated to Helping Others Since 1976, Convaid has been focused on helping children with special needs. Convaid’s mission is to be sensitive to the broad needs of children with special needs, and just as important, sensitive to the needs of the caregivers. We aim to provide the best combination of corrective positioning, comfort, durability and safety for the child, in a product that is both attractive and convenient to use by the caregiver. The Convaid patented compact-folding mechanisms allow our custom wheelchairs to be easily carried up steps, placed in the trunk of the car or taken on public transportation, passenger trains and airplanes.

Mobility Made for Families

We understand that families and caregivers need a wheelchair that is lightweight, convenient and easy to handle, while also colorful and contemporary in style. Our products are designed to provide the optimal comfort, safety and mobility for your child, and the optimal flexibility for your family. Learn more.

Mobility Made to Order

Convaid maintains no standing inventory of wheelchairs. Each of our products is individually assembled to order just for you. We partner with dealers, therapists and caregivers to customize each wheelchair to meet each individual’s physical needs. What’s more, we can deliver on your order quickly, typically within seven to ten business days, so you are not left waiting for the wheelchair that’s just right. Learn more.

Mobility Made to Last

Convaid mobility products are, quite simply, best in class. We subject them to rigorous performance and safety testing, including crash, drop, and bumpy road testing, that goes far beyond industry standards and FDA requirements. Convaid products are skillfully engineered to deliver years of mobility and comfort. And each is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.  Learn more.

Mobility Made Affordable

Even though Convaid products are customized, they cost less than you might expect – just a little more than a standard wheelchair, but with a big difference in performance, durability and value. Learn more. As a company dedicated to improving the lives of special needs families, we believe it is our responsibility to raise awareness of funding, ADA compliance and safety issues.

Mobility Made in the USA

All Convaid mobility products are built with pride in our manufacturing facility in Torrance, California. Our people are passionate about their craft and about making life better for young people and their families. A trained customer service team is on call to answer your questions and help you get the most value from your Convaid product. Learn more.

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Convaid in the Community

Convaid is a steadfast advocate for special needs families and contributes to vital organizations and causes. Through our Community Outreach Program, we have donated wheelchairs to families that could not get insurance or state funding.

As part of our dedication to improving the lives of special needs families, we think it is important to give back to our communities and their not-for-profit organizations. In addition to producing best-in-class mobility devices for children and young adults with special needs, Convaid also contributes both in-kind and financially to these not-for-profits.

Throughout the year, Convaid donates wheelchairs and accessories that not-for-profits use to support the needs of their clients. However, our work with not-for-profits goes far beyond product donation. We also volunteer our time to support important awareness events with organizations ranging from Pediatric Therapy Network, United Cerebral Palsy, Cure SMA and the International Rett Syndrome Foundation by sponsoring events and providing speakers and curriculum for support groups and forums. Sherri Brady has run the IRSF annual SoCal Stroll-a-Thon for 12 years and has a long history with Convaid, “We are incredibly grateful for over a decade of support from Convaid for the International Rett Syndrome SoCal Family Picnic & Stroll-a-Thon. This partnership has directly contributed to the success of our event and puts smiles on the faces of so many of our children and their families. Convaid is a quality company with an unwavering commitment to the community it serves.”

We are interested in getting to know more about your organization and how we might form a mutually beneficial partnership that will allow us to expand our efforts to provide access to high-quality mobility devices to special needs children and their families around the world. To learn more, please feel free to contact our Marketing Department.




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