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Convaid Wheelchair Parts & Accessories

Convaid Offers Specialized Components for Adult & Pediatric Wheelchairs in support of the medical view that optimal positioning in a lightweight wheelchair or pediatric stroller is vital for improved health and improved mobility. By utilizing Convaid’s positioning accessories, you will promote good posture, enhance respiration, improve digestion and maximize comfort and capabilities. In addition, Convaid offers options such as tilt and recline provide pressure relief to minimize skin irritation.

Convaid also manufactures the following wheelchair accessories:

  • Headwings to provide head support
  • Torso Vest to help improve sitting balance
  • Lateral Thigh Supports to separate the knees when scissoring occurs
  • Foot Positioners to hold feet in position when there is a lack of leg control

Click here for more general information.

Do you need a Trekker accessory? Click here

Do you need an EZ Rider accessory? Click here

Do you need a Cruiser accessory? Click here

Do you need a Rodeo accessory? Click here

For Convaid’s Carrot 3 restraint system accessories and options, click here.

For all other Convaid product accessories click here.

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